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Don’t step on board only to find that your due diligence was lacking. Especially when there’s a group involved. In the spirit of full transparency, the following questions are the ones you should be asking us, or, indeed, any Motorcoach company on your radar. If it can’t come through with satisfactory answers for all of them, we recommend moving on to another carrier.

It’s C London Travel’s Goal to Make Booking, Travelling, and Departing on A Motorcoach Tour Seamless and As Easy as Possible

Here are the top-of-mind considerations when working with us or considering your Motorcoach Company

Safety Checks

Ask for the following:

If your trip is crossing state lines – proof of current operating authority from the *Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Proof of valid, current insurance coverage for the bus of $5 million per incident minimum liability – and authorized for interstate service by the ICC (now the USDOT).

Proof that the vehicle you will be using has passed a complete mechanical inspection within the previous 12 months. Most states will issue decals or reports for placing on the coach, indicating the date of a successful inspection. If the carrier's state does not require periodic inspections, look for a decal issued by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA. At a minimum, request a copy of the operator's own annual inspection form for that vehicle.

Proof that the operator does not have an unsatisfactory USDOT Safety Rating. Some operators, however, may not yet have been rated by the USDOT. You may call the USDOT to ask about a carrier's current safety rating.

Affiliations with state or national professional associations or emergency aid organizations expected to assist in the case of a mechanical breakdown or other complications during your trip.

Other companies in the mix to augment the primary company’s vehicles. Ensure that the subcontracted company also provides satisfactory answers to each of your checklist questions

Non-Safety Checks

These should be on your checklist

  • Possibility of inspecting available vehicles to determine vehicle and equipment preferences and cleanliness.
  • Payment schedule if not clear in the contract
  • Bus maximum capacity and if it meets your group requirement
  • Full-time duration of the trip, including preferred time-of-day starting and ending times, departure, and return points.
  • If applicable – Copyright laws relating to viewing commercial videotapes or movies if applicable.
  • If applicable – Smoking, alcoholic beverage, and carry-on food policies of the motorcoach company.
  • If applicable – Boarding/disembarking assistance for disabled passengers
  • Any costs usually incurred by consumers that aren’t part of the travel package price (destination fees, city taxes, permits, etc.)
  • The responsible liaison to the motorcoach company for any en-route changes or decisions.
  • Itinerary schedules to coincide with the motorcoach schedules for stops and starts
  • Companies listed with the UMA Logo. For a UMA member motorcoach provider in your area, you should visit (purely a database)
  • If you’re considering a motorcoach company that is not a UMA member, check the SDOT’s Passenger Carrier Safety Rating list to certify that the carrier does not have an unsatisfactory safety rating.

Travel Motorcoach with C London Travel for maximum peace of mind, and where you know we’ve closed all the gaps.

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