Luxury Travel

C London Travel Agency
For When You Need More than Motorcoach Transportation

We are your one-stop travel resource for all other transportation modes. Also, lodging and reservations for everything to complete your trip.

Yes, we are known for motorcoach travel, which is indeed our core business. However, long-term clients know we can live with the best of the general travel agencies. Sometimes you have to catch a plane before the bus tour begins, or afterward. Or perhaps a cruise thrown in between to mix things up a bit. Of course, lodging is essential no matter where you go and how you get there, and all kinds of bookings to enrich the travel experience. We do it all – without a hitch!

Personalized Attention

Why book online when you can erase all the confusion and get better prices by talking to us?

You can’t afford errors when quality time is at stake. Enjoy the same detailed attention to every aspect of your travel needs as we famously provide for Motorcoach Transport. You’ll find that our recommendations will add substantially to your vacation experience, so just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. It’s our business to give you a comprehensive service when it comes to all travel modes, with the best accommodation, sightseeing, and event reservations for your money and convenience. It doesn’t matter if your travels by sea, train, or air connect to a Motorcoach excursion or not. Our one-stop travel agency is equipped and ready to give you the five-star attention you deserve.

Customized Travel

The TRUE way at no extra cost. it’s the biggest no-brainer going into the 2020’s

C London Travel Agency is an affiliate of the TRUE GROUP. An internationally connected organization, TRUE has built its reputation on getting you around the USA and the world safely, in the least time, to meet the needs of every budget. As a member of TRUE, we have the resources and support to make your vacations, business trips, group events, and everything in between genuinely memorable. When you book with us, our expert agents will walk you through the travel process step-by-step, from beginning to end. Customized trip planning falls front and center in our ballpark.  Everything we do is to ensure that your image of the perfect travel experience becomes a reality. 

C London Travel – the Maryland Motorcoach Company that is also an enterprise-class Travel Agency. We fill in all the gaps in your vacation, business-trip, and group event plans so you can have peace-of-mind.