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Now Available Throughout North America.

We provide luxury motorcoaches for a broad range of consumer travel needs, including sightseeing, church groups, festivals, conventions, trade shows, airport transportation, sporting events, and more. Enjoy unparalleled service, comfort, and safety, no matter where we take you.

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Changing the face of Luxury Bus Transportation in the USA. One Satisfied Customer at a time. Experience our hospitality once, and you’ll never ride with anyone else.

We Hold the Department of Transportation’s Highest Safety Rating

The protection of our customers and employees on the road with you is Goal #1. We design our safety standards with zero tolerance because there can be no compromise on this. Company policies are safety-centric from beginning to end, which means when it comes to your wellbeing on our buses, everything else takes a backseat. Our safety agenda is fully transparent, and our trained staff can informatively answer all your questions.

Our Clients

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Hear directly from customers who have put their trust in for over 20 years.

Believe It or Not, Our Business Is Not About Buses.
It’s About People

More specifically, our customers come first, second, and third. Everything we do we do to make your travel experience nothing short of perfect. Whether you travel with us for an hour or a week, our attention to your needs never wavers.  The fun and relaxation begin when you settle down in our luxury seating, with footrests, DVD, comfortable air conditioning, and fast internet that connect you to the world while the scenery flies by.

Bon voyage.

Find Out Why People Motorcoaches!

A bus makes your travel plans simple and hassle-free. We do the driving and navigating while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Here are nine reasons you should take a luxury bus instead of a plane for your next group trip.

If Top $ for $ Travel Is What You Want, We Bounce Every Other Bus Company

When you are moving groups from one location to the next, budget matters. As a family business, having built our hard-earned reputation customer by satisfied customer, we know how it works. At the same time, it’s only natural for you to want the biggest bang for your buck. Therefore, we invest in the things that make a difference to your travel experience, and cut out the waste. We can safely say, “Travel with us once, and you’ll never travel with anyone else.”